Plasma Pen Treatment

As the collagen and elastin production in our body starts to slow down, fine lines and wrinkles will start to gradually appear on the surface of the skin. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and is often the first area to show signs of ageing with lines. An alternative to eyelid surgery, Plasma Pen is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that can enhance the appearance of your skin.

The plasma gas produced by the pen encourages the production of new cells and collagen to create rejuvenation, plump skin. Superficial wounds will be apparent on the skin, but will flake off in the days following the treatment to reveal gorgeous results.

This treatment can also address

  • Eyelids
  • Crow’s feet
  • Marionette lines
  • Frown lines
  • Neck and under chin
  • Top lip and more

Summary of Your Treatment

Procedure Time

Approx 60/90 Minutes

Back to Work

Approx 2-3 Days



Full Recovery

Approx 7 Days

Sensitivity Period

Approx 2hrs

How many treatments?

Varies depending on skin health and type - revisit at 4-5 months


Improvements visible 4-10 days post treatment

Duration of Results

2 years

Risks and Complications

Swelling, allergic reactions, infection, bruising

How does the Plasma Pen Skin Tightening Treatments work?

The machine conductor tip creates a tiny plasma flash from the tip (similar to a tiny lightening bolt). The tip does not touch the skin. The plasma lightning jumps from the tip to the skin and evaporates, leaving a very small superficial brown carbon spots that look like freckles. There is no heat to the surrounding skin.  These small spots draw the skin together in their direct environment and shrink the excess skin. We follow a specific pattern to set the points to look like a grid (a reduction grid). This is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that shrinks excess skin, bags and wrinkles!

Do you need a consultation?

Yes. Absolutely, anyone interested in a having this treatment is required to have a consultation. We cannot go forward with the treatment until you have all the information required as the client and we will assess and suggest a treatment plan for you. Every client is different and the way the skin ages varies for each individual. Some clients may need more than one treatment to achieve the desired result.  We like our clients to be fully informed to meet their expectations.
The consultation cost is $50, this is a 30 minute appointment where we take photos, explain the procedure and discuss what your desired outcome is to make a plan. The consultation cost is redeemable on your Fibroblast treatment. 

How long does the treatment take?

We allow 90 minutes including time for the anaesthetic to work for smaller areas such as eyelids , crows feet etc but for larger areas like the neck area or baby belly please allow up to 2.5 hours. Including before photos to be taken and consent forms to be completed.  

When will I see results?

Results can usually be seen immediately, full results should be visible after 2-4 weeks however the treated area will continue to improve for 2-3 months. Results are expected to last 2-3 years, then the treatment can be repeated as we naturally age.

How many treatments will I need?

One treatment is often enough depending on skin type, severity of wrinkles and client’s expectation. For some a 2nd or even 3rd treatment may be required to achieve the desired outcome, follow up treatments can be carried after 12 weeks.

What after effects can be expected?

These cosmetic treatments are very safe, on rare occasions, there have been reports of hypersensitivity or allergic reactions to the local anaesthetic, wound healing problems, skin infections, scarring, slight swelling, redness, tingling, the occurrence of herpes simplex (cold sore) and skin depigmentation (whitening). Immediately after the procedure, the treated area will be quite red and mildly swollen. This can last from 1-3 days. The small carbon dots will dry to become small crusts. These crusts must not under any circumstances be picked or scratched off, they must be left to fall off on their own which can take anything from 5-14 days. These dots can be covered with a mineral foundation or mineral concealer. For 2 weeks you will be healing so if you have any special occasions it is best to wait until after or do the treatment 1-2 months before.
Once the crusts have fallen off it is imperative that you use a Serum suggested by London Skin and use an SPF 50 sunscreen. Absolutely no sun on the area without protection for 3 months.

Are Plasma Pen Cosmetic Treatments safe?

Yes most definitely. It is state-of-the-art technology, our machine is made in Germany and of the highest quality, It is certified by TGA. This means it meets high safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

How long will the results last?

Typically around 2-3 years, but is subject to the number of treatments you may require, your lifestyle and how you personally age. You will continue to age and your skin will continue to relax as part of the normal ageing process, and eventually you may see problems such as wrinkles and saggy skin re-appear. However the treatment can simply be repeated again when needed.


  • Wait until your scabs have fallen off. You may resume activities immediately after any Plasma Pen treatment but may not look your complete best during the healing process (usually 3 to 7 days)

  • The formation of brown/black crusts on the skin surface will occur. Do not pick pick them – these crusts will fall off in a few days

  • For the first night or two, if you have had a facial treatment, you may wish to sleep on your back to avoid brushing your face on your pillow

  • Keep the area clean using lukewarm boiled water and do not use alcohol based cleansers

  • Occasional weeping will settle

  • There may be some mild swelling – especially around the eyes and periorbital region. Swelling for 1 to 5 days post-treatment is normal but is usually of a very minor nature and to be expected. Post-treatment downtime and recovery from Plasma Pen is frequently shown to be superior to treatment with other devices

  • The treatment may be moderately uncomfortable and sensitive depending on where you are being treated – especially eyelid procedures where the skin is at its thinnest. Our device and our super-fine probes allow technicians to work more quickly and efficiently which minimises potential discomfort for you but this all depends on your own sensitivities and tolerances to start with

  • The area treated must not be covered with plasters, occlusive dressing or any type of make-up, mascara, creams or any other product until the area has fully healed (except specific products we recommend and which are available both from us/your technician)

  • After any kind of facial treatment, especially around the eyes, we recommend using aloe vera masks to prevent inflammation by soothing and reducing swelling

  • Taking Vitamin C supplements over the course of your healing process can give your immune system a big boost which will help you to repair.  Anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine medication can also help

  • Consider the use of topical anti-oxidants to fight sun damage such as a Vitamin C serum. The use of citrus juice, aloe vera and soy are cited by some as good ingredients for preventing hyperpigmentation

  • Avoid smoking

  • Men should avoid shaving over any area that has been treated until the skin has fully healed

  • Once healed, you must use factor 50 sunscreen when out and about for at least 12 weeks and you should avoid sunbeds and sunbathing

  • We supply technicians with a tinted aftercare product which is designed to safely camouflage treated areas but we don’t recommend oily skinned clients use this as they will already heal slower and this could inhibit their recovery period further


  • It is highly unlikely you will ever get an infection from a Plasma Pen treatment as the wound we cause isn’t open. However, with any skin rejuvenation treatment, we are not in control of what you do when you leave and you should be aware that the first 12 hours is always the period of risk for you to get any kind of infection so please avoid activities where you could get dirty!

  • We recommend not exercising straight after a treatment because any heat, steam or sweat could add to the inflammation that’s already present






Costs Per Area

Upper Eyelid lift – Both eyes $700
Upper Eyelids and Crows Feet $850
Under eyes $600
Crows Feet $425
Frown Lines – Middle of Brow $275
Frown and Full Forehead $690
Cheeks $650-$950
Nasal Folds $495
Neck – Middle Neck $750
Full Neck $1250

All plasma pen procedures at London Skin are Doctor administered.

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