Targeted Facials


Using the latest techniques and highly concentrated quality active ingredients, our treatment facials hydrate, boost and firm the skin to give you a radiant and more youthful appearance.

A DermaZen specialist can advise you on a number of bespoke targeted facials to match your skin presentation, which can be complimented with our nutraceutical boosters.

Following a full skin consultation, we will advise you on the most appropriate treatment for your skin.


Summary of Your Treatment

Procedure Time

30-60 minutes

Full Recovery



After 1 treatment

Back to Work




How many treatments

For best results - one treatment per month

Risk and complications

Skin irritation, sensitivities

DermaZen Anti Ageing Treatment (60 minutes)
Our treatment stimulates the regeneration of elastin and collagen fibres, by fighting lipid peroxidation. An intensive antioxidant counteracts free radicals and boots the skins absorption capacity. This cell renewal smooths fine lines, counteracts loss of tone and leaves you with younger looking skin.

DermaZen Hydrating Treatment (60 minutes)
Our treatment restores optimal hydration to dry and dehydrated skin through cellular bio-revitalization. Adding moisture, volume and elasticity, the restorative hydrating process supports collagen synthesis to improve the structure of your skin and slow down the natural ageing process.

DermaZen Balancing Treatment (60 minutes)
Our treatment stimulates oxygen-derived free radicals and supports cohesion of the connective tissues. The detoxifying process leaves your skin calm and supple, whilst reducing inflammation and redness to balance out natural cell repair.

DermaZen Energising Treatment (60 minutes)
Our treatment removes corneocytes whilst moisturising, revitalising and restoring the hydro-lipid layers of your skin. The soothing and regenerative action of this process neutralises the free radicals responsible for premature ageing.

           DermaZen Purifying Treatment (60 minutes)
Our treatment deeply exfoliates and eliminates keratinised cells, balancing toxins and regulating sebum production. Improving circulatory deficits whilst reducing active inflammation and encourages protein synthesis to detoxify, balance and repair your skin.

Boosters and Additions
We can apply a number of European Nutraceuticals to create a personalised infusion for your skin. These topical solutions can be combined as part of your treatment plan to stimulate the dermal repairing process of your skin.

Single use or combination boosters will address pigmentation, rosacea, congested skin, large pores, melasma and aged skin textures.

Why do I need facials?

Our facial treatments help increase circulation and stimulate the skin. They can also help slow down premature ageing and noticeably improve conditions such as acne, redness and rosacea.

Facials are a great preventative treatment to help you minimise wrinkles before they occur, and can also help you achieve lighter, brighter, younger-looking skin.

Men also benefit from facial treatments to achieve healthier skin, minimise irritation, redness and ingrown hairs.

Why do I need a professional skin therapist?

Daily, the skin must defend against environmental assaults and extreme temperatures; it must eliminate toxins from the body, and continually renew to protect the body.

To look and feel its best, your skin needs personal attention from a professional. DermaZen specialists use the highest-grade products to deliver real, visible results. They are trained to deliver specific skin treatments that will target your needs, and prescribe products that will help maintain your optimum skin health at home in-between facials.

How soon will I start seeing results from my facial?

Some clients see results immediately, and your skin should feel different right away. The skin feels, clean, smooth, hydrated, and reflects a new level of health that’s visibly noticeable.

If the skin has more advanced long-term needs, such as treatment of skin ageing, acne or hyper-pigmentation caused by hormonal fluctuations or sun damage, results may not be immediately visible; however, skin health will continue to improve as you follow the advice of your professional skin therapist, and continue your home-care regime

What are the long-term benefits of getting regular facials?

Skin will show a regenerating anti-free radical effect that will contribute to preventing degeneration of skin tissues.

In addition over time collagen and elastin fibres will be stimulated to improve skin quality and texture, leading to a more youthful appearance for your skin.

Is there other equipment used during skin facial treatments ?

At DermaZen we will discuss your individual skin type and on-going programme. Within this we may wish to introduce ‘radio frequency’ machines to improve the texture and tightness of the skin.  Targeted radio frequencies can help to break down depleted collagen using heat pulsed beneath the skin.  This reduces the signs of ageing and minimises wrinkles and pores.

How often should I have a facial treatment?

Generally, facials are recommended once a month. However, you can discuss your specific needs, desired outcomes and schedule with a DermaZen specialist. Ask about our facial treatment packages, and save when you purchase and book your regular facials in advance.

A DermaZen specialist can advise on the correct cosmoceutical products for your individual skin type, tailored to the seasonal calendar.

Targeted Facials

DermaZen Hydrating Treatment $120
DermaZen Anti Ageing Treatment $120
DermaZen Balancing Treatment $120
DermaZen Energising Treatment $120
DermaZen Purifying Treatment $120

Facials – Package

Commit to any 5 x 60min treatments $500

Boosters and Additions

Please speak to us about our individual Boosters and Additions. These sterilised formulations range from $20-$80 per application.

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