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Linda Meredith Rejuvenating Mask 150ml


Linda Meredith Rejuvenating Mask. A unique double action mask, rich in essential oils. The exact opposite of other  masks on the market – instead of drawing out impurities the Rejuvenating Mask penetrates deeper into the skin to promote hydration,  skin tightening and overall Burt of brightening on complexion . A combination of bentonite and kaolin makes this versatile mask adaptable and ideal for every skin type.


Promotes absorption of products deep into the skin. Amazing results can be achieved using the Rejuvenating Mask once every week in your home-care regime.

How To Use

Apply a thin layer of mask directly over the face and neck. Leave for 20mins and wash off with warm water.  Followed by usual skin regime.

Essential Oils, Kaolin, Bentonite

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